Saturday, June 29, 2019

A home for my stuff

I have been struggling to find the right way to put my stuff online. I wanted to get away from social media having all my stuff. I tried building a website but it was soo time consuming and it didn't really work for what I wanted to do. They basically use templates. I wanted simple, I like simple. I'm back to using Blogger, the blogging site from Google with my own domain I can post long form ideas here, movie and TV reviews, book and audiobook reviews, interesting podcasts, comments about this or that and have that sidebar (on the right side of the page) filled with links to my archived content. I've got links to my art, audiobooks, my articles I've written on including my book (Fulton Avenue) and my Uncle Jack's unpublished book (film and TV director Jack Smight). I have links to the original photos of the two monuments I help build, The Jack Norworth Memorial and The Toto Memorial. I have links to websites I have designed. I'll be writing posts about good content, things that are new and interesting that I want to share. Stay tuned.

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