Thursday, July 4, 2019

American explorer Robert Peary spent the 4th of July in Northern Greenland

July 4, 1892

American Explorer Robert Peary was the first white man to see the north coast of the island of Greenland. thereby proving that Greenland was an island. Peary's first transection of Northern Greenland was made with a single companion, Eivind Astrup, It was a sledging journey of close to 1,200 miles over inland ice. Peary and Astrup were able to sleep comfortably in air temperatures which ranged from 40° F. to −60°F. Of the twenty Greenland dogs taken, eight survived the eastward crossing, and five the entire journey. At the eastern end of his crossing, Peary on July 4, 1892, looked down upon a great fjord which he named Independence Bay, with the cliff above which he stood, he named Navy Cliff (Peary was a Navy draftsman). Eastward he looked out over a land without snow cover. The large northeastern land now on the maps known as Peary Land. Peary was most famous for reaching the North Pole on April 6, 1909.

Fjord in the south-eastern part of Greenland

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