Monday, July 1, 2019

An open source way to save your audiobooks

In recent news Microsoft is pulling the plug on their ebooks. They are paying people back for what they purchased, but what a huge hassle. What if that were to happen to audiobooks on It may happen someday, things change and services come and go, you never know. So here's the deal... someone wrote an application to strip out the copy protection so you can save them as an MP3 file. Is it legal? That's iffy but most things like this are OK for personal use. And a lot of people in this new project agree. It's called and they have an application that is free to use. I personally want this to back up my stuff that I purchased. I'm just downloading it now and it's beautiful. It's laid out with simple controls, looks pretty easy. Then once your done you can save the files to what ever you like. I will be putting mine on the Google Cloud. You can get 200GB for $2.50, that's cheap.


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