Friday, August 16, 2019

The Alienist By: Caleb Carr Narrated by: George Guidall Length: 20 hrs

This is one of the best told murder mysteries I have ever heard. If you are one of those True Crime fans this is a must hear, even though this is fiction. Amazing writing and dialog that brings all the characters to life, they feel like real people. And the setting in New York in 1896 is breathtaking. You get a real sense of the place including a place frequented often in this book Delmonico's restaurant. I would loved to have seen this city then. And to hear what Teddy Roosevelt would have sounded like was incredible, he appears in this book as the Police commissioner as he really was during that time exclaiming "bully!" 

This is a very fast moving story with carriage rides from here to there on named streets in Manhattan. It does cover a dark underbelly of child prostitutes and a hideous crime perpetrated on them. This story is not for kids or weak stomachs.

And it can not be understated what an amazing job the reader of this book George Guidall did. The voices he employed in this book are like a room full of actors doing them. Just reading the novel or watching the TV show will not give you what this unique audiobook will. I am looking forward to seeing the TNT series (supposed to be on Netflix soon), but like they say it can't be better than this book. I give this 5 stars way up. 

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