Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Michael Connelly's New Book Fair Warning Has an Easter Egg

I finished listening to 10 glorious hours of Michael Connelly's new book Fair Warning. I really enjoyed this new thriller and the reader Peter Giles was great. Connelly's character Jack McEvoy (Mac A Voy) is back as a reporter for Fair Warning, a consumer news website. And joining him is Jack's on again off again girlfriend slash former FBI profiler Rachel Walling. The book takes place in the LA/OC area with the offices of Fair Warning above Art's Deli in Studio City. The subject of the book is DNA analytics and what companies like 23 and Me do with the DNA in an unregulated industry. And of course a serial killer gets DNA info for his bad deeds. It's a very detailed and well written and entertaining book.

The Easter Egg: Then after the audio version of this book is over, there is Michael Connelly speaking. He explains that he is going to do an interview with Myron Levin, the founder and editor of the real Fair Warning website,

The interview is 26 minutes long and they talk about the site and what they do. The site has 12 contributors and an editorial board. The site is news for public health, consumer and environmental issues. Connelly and Levin have known each other for more than 30 years. They worked at the LA Times together. Levin explains that journalism may be headed to the non profit model and that Fair Warning uses that model and takes donations. With Connelly and Levin being friends and Connelly on the board he was able to use Fair Warning in his book. I really like these kind of surprises at the end of a book. I think this site deserves more attention and this non profit model is a definite way to get the public high quality journalism. Maybe a model for the future.

-JP Myers  

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