Thursday, June 11, 2020

Shirley on Hulu

Elisabeth Moss as Shirley

I just watched the film Shirley (2020) on Hulu and I have to say I was quite surprised at how bad it was. I really love these actors, Elisabeth Moss, Michael Stuhlbarg, and an actress I'm not familiar with, Odessa Young who is the only real highlight in this film.

Odessa Young

I'm a huge fan of Elisabeth Moss who's been in countless great things like Mad Men, The Handmaid's Tale, Top of the Lake. And Michael Stuhlbarg who's been in Boardwalk Empire, Fargo, The Post, The Looming Tower is a tremendous actor.

Stuhlbarg and Moss

This film is just a bad version of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf. It's a beautiful looking film but with some bad handheld camera work. There is just a very thin story with lots or arguing and drinking. These actors deserve better. 

The book that Shirley (Moss) was writing about may have been interesting if it was fleshed out a bit more, a local girl that went missing. They choose not to do that and left us with a very thin film.

- JP Myers

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