Saturday, July 11, 2020

10th Anniversary of a Monument

10 years ago, July 11th, 2010, I and a group of people got together and built a monument for the man who wrote the American Anthem Take Me Out To The Ball Game. His name was Jack Norworth. He died in 1959 and his final resting place is a half mile from Angel Stadium home plate in the Melrose Abbey Cemetery in Anaheim. Even after 10 years this fact is not widely known. There was a dedication that morning and the Hall of Famer Rollie Fingers was there. 

Rollie Fingers with Little Leaguers

I learned about the location of Jack Norworth at a book signing from Chris Epting who wrote about the history of socal ballparks. I was stunned at this news and put up a facebook page to campaign to build him a monument. In about 4 months we had the resources to build it thanks to a stone that was donated and funds from a private donor and AOL. It was extremely exciting to be a part of this. I only wish more people knew about it.  

The Jack Norworth Trophy was given to Jack at the LA Coliseum by the Cracker Jack Company celebrating the 50th anniversary of the song. This trophy is in the possession of the Laguna Beach Little League, and it was there that morning. 


Jack and his wife Amy handing out Cracker Jack

Jack back in the day

Text of the monument:

Take me out to the ball game lyrics... then,

This monument was placed in July of 2010
to honor songwriter Jack Norworth
laid to rest nearby in this cemetery in 1959

The project became a reality thanks to the passion
of several baseball fans who thought that 
Mr. Norworth deserved a more visible tribute--
what you see before you

May we remember this great American now, 
and during after every 7th-inning stretch

OC Register writes about the new monument on July 11, 2010

Harry Carey leads the song

More photos in the link list at the top right of this page.

Time flies. Happy 10th!

- JP Myers

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